About “Grandma Lives With Us”


Grandma Lives With Us

Grandma Lives With Us is a warm, sensitive story of a granddaughter’s first hand experiences in helping her family take care of her loving grandmother when she suffered a stroke.

Nazli Currim’s well – written book about an American Muslim family draws parallels and brings home the realization of the strong bonds and values that exist in most families globally.
Grandma Lives With Us is a well – written and just begging to be read aloud to curious little ears. Children will follow along with Imaan’s adventures as she learns of about her Islamic roots, the different cultures her classmates come from, and how she must struggle to help her family take care of their ageing grandmother. Imaan is a spunky, bright little girl eager to learn and live life to its fullest with her family. The book encourages responsibility and respect for elders, a joy for learning, and appreciation for those who are different and unique. Not only will children see how the life of an American Muslim family is different, but also how it is similar to their own lives. This will inspire children to be more aware of both, other people’s cultures and their own. With beautiful illustrations provided by the up and coming artist Kadhima Ren Tung, this book is a treasure trove of multiculturalism and family bonds.


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