The Author

A family picture with Grandma

A family picture with Grandma

The titular Grandma

The titular Grandma

Author's family by the lake

Author’s family by the lake

Child reading Grandma Lives With Us

Child reading Grandma Lives With Us


Nazli Currim lives in Arizona with her husband, and she has two adult children. She was born in Bombay, India and received her degree inEnglish and Psychology from the University of Karachi in Pakistan. She also has a Montessori Education Certification from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Nazli worked thirty-eight years in education with children of all nationalities and religions. She is also a journalist and has contributed to the Muslim Voice for ten years, The Arizona Republic, andPakistan Link. She is the coordinator and adviser for the Montessori Program of the Arizona Cultural Academy in Phoenix, Arizona and is the founder of American Muslim Women’s Association (AMWA). She is also a member of Arizona South Asians for Safe Families (ASAFSF). She has assisted in the resettlement of refugees from Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Sudan, and Burma. Nazli Currim touched the lives of many Montessori and Kindergarten children of the world. She feels humbled by the wisdom and the lessons of simple truths taught to her by her young students in her years of teaching. She feels greatly rewarded by the children’s implicit trust and the unconditional love she received from them.
Nazli, a member of the Muslim Advisory Council to the Tempe Historical Museum, Tempe, AZ, for the exhibit Jewel in the Desert, Getting Acquainted With Your Muslim Neighbors, is one of the recipients of theMLK 2009 Diversity Award presented by the City of Tempe, AZ.
Nazli is currently working on her next book, “Welcome to Ramadhan, Sarah”.


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